Women With Locs or Dreds


Locs. Dreds. Dredlocks.

There’s actually no correct term. It’s up to the person. As a loctician, I come across several different ways of describing a bundle of matted hair on someone’s head. I personally call them locs. Historically, the term “dreadlocks” was used first. Dreadlocks can be dated back to North Africa. The Egyptians wore dreadlocks as well as locked wigs. In North Kenya, the Maasai men claim they’ve worn dreadlocks as long as they have existed. Today these men can be found wearing their dreadlocks with a tint of red coming from the soil in their region.

There have been tons of reasons why people from differen’t part of the world have grown or wear dreadlocks (or locs). Normally, they represent a spiritual conviction or deep religious expression. The newer term “locs” is used in recent history in response to the derogatory history of “dreadlocks.” Check out some info here.

So it’s really up to you. Dreadlock or Locs?

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